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Verizon Max promo plan reportedly offers 6GB of data to Edge members for $30


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Verizon clearly wants us to stop using unlimited data, but even its Edge upgrade program isn't a strong argument for embracing capped plans. The company may soon have a better lure, however: Droid-Life claims to have details of an upcoming, limited-time Verizon Max promo plan that would offer relatively large data buckets to Edge users. Individual subscribers would pay just $30 a month for 6GB of data, or $50 for 8GB with hotspot support. They wouldn't get to share service between devices, however. Verizon has declined to comment on the apparent leak, but we may hear more about Max in the near future when it's reportedly launching on August 25th. We're not convinced that the offer is worthwhile for every unlimited-loving refusenik, but it could soften the blow for those who just can't resist frequent device upgrades.

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