Around Azeroth: Unintelligently designed

Around Azeroth Unintelligently designed THURSDAY
"I was farming dinos for bones at the Isle of Giants with a guildie of mine this morning when I found - surprisingly without the use of experimental surgery - that we'd made the Devilsaur Centipede," writes submitter Stirfry of The Great Experiment on Alexstrasza (US-H). "Despite the devilsaur's face-eating tendencies, I felt a bit of sympathy: nobody wants to be the second dino in the Devilsaur Centipede. Or the third. Or the end. Actually, I think all of them would have preferred to die alone." And with all that, it still only has two stumpy little arms? Now that's just cruel.
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This article was originally published on WoW Insider.