EVE Online releases its first Odyssey patch

Find strange new worlds and sell them on the open market.
Have you been exploring away like a good little capsuleer in EVE Online? That's kind of what the most recent expansion, Odyssey, is all about. While the first patch for the expansion doesn't contain anything new for players to explore, it does feature a variety of fixes and quality-of-life improvements that should make all that exploration a bit more fun. Especially for players in Russia, who can enjoy a greatly improved localized client after this patch.

Aside from localization, the patch includes adjustments to energy vampire mechanics and mindlink strength, with the former receiving a noteworthy buff to ensure that it's no longer nearly useless. Medium turrets have also received some major updates, and several skills have been reorganized or renamed to make things a bit clearer for players. Yes, all of these changes probably mean that you'll spend a bit of time adjusting your ships before heading back out to the wilds of space, but self-exploration is a sort of exploration too.
This article was originally published on Massively.