Neverending Nightmares dev releases game made to propose to his wife

Neverending Nightmares dev releasing game made to propose to his wife
Matt Gilgenbach proposed to his wife nearly three years ago with a homemade game called A Mobius Proposal. While the closest most such proposals ever get to public release is a video on YouTube, Gilgenbach has released A Mobius Proposal for everyone and anyone to enjoy. You can download the game by visiting the Kickstarter page for Gilgenbach's next project, Neverending Nightmares.

Gilgenbach said in a project update that he released the game now because it "shows what games mean to me, how important they are, and what a big role they play in my life." He also clarified in his update that the game has a "lack of polish," and he doesn't plan to revisit or expand on it.

Feel free to enjoy A Mobius Proposal as a game, or use it for your proposal. Just remember Joystiq assumes no responsibility should you try to use the game to propose to a woman not named Joanne.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.