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The Daily Grind: What in-game project have you had hanging over your head?

Justin Olivetti
For just the longest time, my personal story was uncompleted in Guild Wars 2. I'd hit the final mission which required a group run of Arah, and I never was able to find a group to run it. So the game continued to inform me that I had this step to go, that Trahearne was quite disappointed in me, and that I was a loser for ignoring it. I might've been reading into it a little. But anyway, the other night my guild did an Arah run for those of us who needed it and my personal story was finally finished.

Having those in-game projects hanging over your head can be frustrating if you're unable to make progress. Do you have any of those going on right now? What in-game project do you wish you could finish up -- but can't seem to, for whatever reason?

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