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It's Tuesday, the new regular day for the Engadget HD Podcast. We hope you'll appreciate us clearing up Monday for football and join us live when the Engadget HD podcast starts recording at 8:30PM. If you'll be joining us, go ahead and get ready by reviewing the list of topics after the break -- then you'll be ready to participate in the live chat.

Apple TV gets iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud and more with latest software update
Apple TV 6.0 update returns, likely with bug fixes in tow
Android to AirPlay Mirroring demonstrated, coming soon to CyanogenMod
Verizon FiOS Mobile on Android and iOS can now stream live TV from anywhere
Hands-on with the PlayStation Vita TV, Sony's $100 microconsole
PlayStation Vita TV seeing 'strong response' outside of Japan, Sony looking into EU / US launch
TV on Twitter gets a boost: CBS offers in-tweet highlight videos, Netflix keeps spoilers out
BRAVIA Smart Stick costs $149, adds Google TV experience to Sony's TVs
Samsung and LG settle LCD, OLED patent dispute, choose to focus on cooperation
Sharp's 70-inch, THX-certified Aquos Ultra 4K TV goes on sale in the US for $7,500
Texas Motor Speedway's 'Big Hoss TV' will be the world's largest HD screen
Amazon adds Amy Sedaris, Wanda Sykes and Cynthia Nixon to 'Alpha House' cast
Must See HDTV (September 23rd - 29th)

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