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iPhone 5c, 5s launch on Virgin Mobile for $100 off


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If you've been waiting to grab the newest iPhone 5c and 5s, you may want to think about getting one now -- from Virgin Mobile. That's because the carrier is offering the unlocked 16 GB models of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c for US$100 less than Apple's normal retail price, notes AppleInsider.

The 16 GB iPhone 5s normally costs $650 unlocked from Apple, but customers can snap it up for only $550 at Virgin Mobile. Likewise, the 16 GB iPhone 5c normally costs $550 unlocked from Apple, but it's currently $450 at Virgin Mobile. The new iPhones went on sale for the first time at Virgin Mobile yesterday. There's no word from the company if the prices on these 16 GB iPhones are an introductory price or the standard price -- but either way, they're a great deal.

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