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500px for iOS updated with all-new edge-to-edge design


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The popular 500px photo-sharing app has received a significant makeover with an all-new edge-to-edge design. Version 2.2 ditches the photo borders so you can see more of your photos on that beautiful Retina display. The update also adds several new swipe gestures, including the ability to swipe any comment to reveal Like and Reply actions.

On the iPad, 500px 2.2 features an improved photo details drawer, which identifies everyone who liked and favorited each photo, complete with their avatar and history.

The "premium photo-sharing platform for aspiring and professional photographers" proved controversial earlier this year when it was pulled from the App Store due to the availability of "adult" images. However, many of the targeted nudes were more artful than pornographic. 500px returned to the App Store just seven days later with a new "Report" button so users could flag any images they feel are pornographic in nature. With the latest update, 500px is looking better than ever and is available for free from the App Store.

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