Breaking News revamps iOS app, brings personalized updates about news that's important to you

For news junkies, Twitter, the web, and television are an embarrassment of riches -- constantly bombarding us with headlines and stories that are breaking... even when they aren't. Enter Breaking News, a website, Twitter account and suite of mobile apps that cuts through the noise by curating actual breaking news and exclusives (with attribution) from myriad sources. And today, the Breaking News iOS app will let you pick and choose amongst the stories it passes along with new personalization options.

With the update, you can now choose up to five topics (Miley Cyrus, football, technology, etc.) about which you want to receive push notifications. And the best part is, you need not register to get them. Simply open the app, pick your topics, and you're good to go. You can also mute topics, so that you won't see stories you don't want to, unless it's a huge story according to Breaking News' editors. Then the app ignores your preference, as customer feedback indicates that if a story's big enough, John Q. Public will want to know what's going on regardless. Oh, and should you think a story is particularly interesting, the app has a 'WHOA!' button -- which makes sense, because we can all agree that 'likes' are lame. Still not sure if the app's for you? Perhaps the particularly well done promo vid after the break will convince you.

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