Quickfire roguelike Desktop Dungeons out now on Steam

QCF Design's IGF award-winning roguelike RPG Desktop Dungeons is now available on Steam, capping off an extended development period and years-long beta testing phase.

Billing itself as "the perfect coffee-break game," Desktop Dungeons condenses the roguelike genre's complexity into a series of single-screen, randomly generated dungeons. Players can expect to die quickly and frequently, but QCF notes that all of the game's dungeons can be completed in around 10 minutes, making it an ideal fit for genre veterans who no longer have the patience (or free time) for NetHack and the like.

Desktop Dungeons is currently available for 10 percent off of its regular asking price on Steam. A Special Edition that includes the game's soundtrack and add-on "Goatperson" DLC is also available for purchase.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.