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PS4 launch prep begins now: Day 1 update, iOS and Android apps are ready to download


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Just as promised, Sony has delivered the mobile companion apps on iOS and Android for its PlayStation 4 console ahead of launch. Another thing to know for gamers that have already pre-ordered a system or plan to pick one up Friday, is that the v1.50 day one update is also out. The mobile apps (found in Google Play and Apple's App Store) can pull in info about games or your friends latest activities, with links to check out trophies, invitations and game alerts, all without even turning on (or owning, yet) the newest system. The apps have a pretty bare bones design however, with basic layouts and the need for a separate web browser to log in. One final treat for those already camping outside their local retailer: the apps contain a link to the PS4's web-based manual so you can get every detail possible right here.

We've downloaded the 323MB patch on a system ourselves, while forum posters on NeoGAF point out a link (update: it's official, check out the instructions here) to Sony's servers where you can nab a copy in case they're completely crushed on launch day. Unlike the Xbox One you'll still be able to play games without the update, but features like logging onto the PSN, playing games while they download or watching Blu-ray movies require this patch. One way or another, all the software is lined up for the PS4's big debut in two more days, now all we need is the green light to purchase hardware (or a retailer with an itchy "ship now" trigger finger).

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