Engadget HD Podcast 375 - 11.20.13

It's HD time again and your hosts Ben Drawbaugh and Richard Lawler are here to give you the weekly rundown. It won't include the Buccaneers vs. Lions results though; that happens this Sunday, with both Ben and Richard looking forward to their respective local team taking the win. For PlayStation fans, though, the score is PS4 and the consoles have arrived, regardless of a little wobble. Sling fans hit the endzone this week as well, with a host of new updates arriving on its iOS app, and a Windows 8.1 version announced for December. So while Ben regains his hearing after a recent visit to the Formula 1 track, you can fasten your seat belts and switch it to cruise control as we present the Engadget HD Podcast; conveniently located at the streaming links below.

Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh, Richard Lawler

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the podcast:

05:42 - Sony PlayStation 4 review: fast, powerful, worth it
10:49 - PlayStation 4's live launch event begins at 11PM ET, check out the UI first (video)
14:33 - Xbox One vs. the PlayStation 4: A battle over services, not chips
18:54 - SmartGlass for Xbox One arrives on Android and iOS
19:01 - SmartGlass for Xbox One reaches Windows Phone a few days early
21:53 - Netflix updates Xbox 360, PS3, Roku and Smart TV apps with unified interface
24:31 - Apple TV update adds Yahoo Screen and PBS apps
26:37 - Hands-on with Tablo, a DVR that streams over-the-air TV nearly anywhere
29:14 - Sling overhauls its TV-streaming app for iOS, adds Roku channel; Windows 8.1 app planned for December
34:31 - TiVo's new Slide Pro Remote pairs nicely with your Roamio, costs $50
37:14 - Comcast might start selling movies via its cable boxes, instead of just renting them
41:31 - Dish Anywhere mobile apps to get offline viewing by the end of 2013
42:11 - MLB and NFL endorse legal battle against Aereo, threaten to limit sports broadcasts
43:29 - Netflix saves The Killing one more time, six-episode final season will be a streaming exclusive
45:02 - Must See HDTV (November 18th - 24th)

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