Warhammer Online shuts down tonight

If you must picture the future of Warhammer, picture a battlefield.  One upon which all those warriors who so valiantly raged for Order or for Chaos stand assembled.  They clash, they fall, and they rise once more to clash again.  A battlefield that will never end, where the warriors never tire, never grow anxious, where all that exists is the battle and the struggle.  The victory is never awarded, and yet the conflict remains.  Champions of both sides, rushing across the landscape, racing hopefully toward victory... forever.
Today, the drums of Warhammer Online fall silent. After five years of operation, the game will shut down permanently at 6:00 p.m. EST tonight. If there are any last-minute screenshots or contact details you need to exchange, we encourage you to get that done before the servers turn off permanently. Partial refunds will be issued for players who still had paid game time on their accounts as of November 1st; those who purchased game time cards will need to contact customer support directly.

For those looking for a bit more farewell reading, our writers have taken on both the overall arc of the game from launch and the game's shutdown event (or lack thereof, depending on your perspective). Fans have also assembled a tribute video for the game as a whole. Our condolences go to the players who are losing a game that has been a home for five years.
This article was originally published on Massively.