MMO Week in Review: The end of 2013

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The holidays are quiet as MMO studios have emptied out in favor of egg nog and family and snowglobes filled with dancing quaggan. Fortunately, that makes this a great time to recap the year's drama for the genre and the industry. To celebrate the end of 2013, Massively posted its annual awards and explained the controversial bits, selected the top 10 MMO stories of the last 12 months, and made predictions for the new year. Stay tuned this week as we toast the top indie MMOs and highlight the MMOs you should be anticipating in 2014.

Read on for a look at the rest of this week's top MMO stories.
Lord of the Ring Online's roadmap for 2014
Infinite money exploit plagues GTA Online
Mark Kern addresses his departure from Red 5 Studios
The year before launching the Elder Scrolls Online
Revisiting EVE Online's newbie tutorial
Three fair ways to distribute loot
Square Enix tweaks Final Fantasy XIV housing prices
'Twas the night before Sithmas and all through SWTOR...
The best MMO design decision of all time
WoW account thieves get fines, two-year prison sentences
Why Guild Wars 2 shouldn't replicate Destiny's wedge
Examining the Aurin of WildStar
Neverwinter state of the game on future expansions
Crushing Exiles in the WildStar beta
2013 in review for Final Fantasy XI and XIV
The Repopulation launches Steam Greenlight campaign

WoW Insider
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