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The first 13 Steam Machines

At CES, Valve premiered its third-party Steam Machines from 13 ground-floor manufacturers: Alienware, Alternate, Cyberpower PC, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, Gigabyte, iBuyPower,, Next Spa, Origin PC, Scan, Webhallen and Zotac. The cheapest Steam Machine clocks in at $500, Valve said, and already Digital Storm unveiled its hybrid PC model that starts at $1,900. The Falcon Northwest Tiki costs up to $6,000.

The size, shape and capability of each Steam Machine varies as much as the price. Find your favorite (or the one you can afford) below.

Alienware – price TBD

Alternate – $1,340

CyberpowerPC – starting at $500

Digital Storm – $2,580

Falcon Northwest – $1,800 to $6,000

Gigabyte – Price TBD

iBuyPower – starting at $500 – $1,100

Next Spa – Price TBD

Origin PC – Price TBD

Scan – $1,090

Webhallen – $1,500

Zotac – $600

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