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JVC outs more MHL-ready in-dash receivers at CES 2014


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Face it: Your old car's factory stereo system isn't going to last forever -- eventually, you'll need to upgrade. Luckily, JVC is here to trot out its latest head units at CES 2014. Just like last year, the company has outfitted two of its new receivers (the KW-V0BT and KW-V40BT, specifically) with MHL support, giving Android users easy access to their mirrored apps while on the road. The new receivers can mirror iPhone 5 apps too, provided one brings their own Apple Lightning AV adapter. Folks without MHL-capable devices (or those who opt for the company's lower-end receivers) will still find support for 20 iPhone 4 and 4s apps through Bluetooth, including Waze and MotionX navigation. All seven of the company's new models also support Pandora, iHeartRadio and a standard assortment of hands-free features; you know, wireless music streaming, one-push voice calling and other phone functions. JVC says its new receivers are starting to roll out this month and will continue to arrive through March.

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