Telltale's Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures disappeared from digital channels last week, and the studio has now confirmed its distribution agreement with Aardman Studios expired. In a post on Telltale's support page, Telltale said, "We currently do not have any plans to renew this agreement at this time."

Telltale released the point-and-click series starring the plucky claymation heroes back in 2009, bringing it in four parts to PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and iOS. So it's had its time, we suppose, but if you've been thinking recently about finally picking up Grand Adventures, today's news is gonna leave you cheesed off.

Aye up, lad, it's not all bad. For those who have already purchased the games, Telltale put together a cracking guide for how to retain access to them.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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