Elder Scrolls Online answers more PvP and pre-order questions
Those of you who hang on every word flowing from the Elder Scrolls Online developers will be happy to know there's a new Ask Us Anything on the official ESO website. What does it address this round? Pre-orders and CE edition queries! By default, players will have eight characters with which to explore every facet of the game. But if you want to play with a friend through his faction's zones, you will also need to pre-order, even though you want to play a Khajiit and he's a Nord. In order for both of you to gain the bonus from the rings of Mara, which link you and a friend in the eternal bonds of XP gain, only one player must own the Imperial Edition. And lastly, all the pre-order and Imperial Edition bonuses will be available on launch day, April 4th, but the ability to play any race in any faction will be available as soon as early access starts.

Don't forget to redeem those three- and five-day pre-order codes from the retailers! (If you ordered directly from the official website, you don't need to do anything else.)

This article was originally published on Massively.
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