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Watch Apple's SXSW iTunes Festival from the comfort of your home


Apple's iTunes Festival at SXSW starts tonight with London Grammar kicking off the festivities at 7:30PM MDT. The festival spans five days and includes well-known artists like Coldplay, Soundgarden, Willie Nelson and Keith Urban.

The Festival is available for SXSW attendees who were awarded tickets on a lottery basis. if you are watching from afar, Apple will stream the events live as well as offer on-demand videos of the completed performances to all iOS devices and its Apple TV. Here is how you can watch:

On your iOS Device: To watch the performances from your iOS device, you must install the iTunes Festival app, which was recently updated to support the SXSW festival.

On your Apple TV: Apple TV owners can tune into the iTunes Festival channel and watch on their big screen TV.

On your Mac: Last but not last, Mac owners can watch the from the iTunes Store. Just look for the big iTunes Festival banner in the featured music section.

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