Dungeon of the Endless, the drunkenly conceived roguelike by Endless Space's Amplitude Studios, still has some features to add before its final release. The game has been available through Steam's Early Access program since December, but the studio still plans to add four-player co-op before the game's final release.

The team also told us at GDC they expect to add a "visual log" of game events and characters that derives its inspiration from card collections. Think of a binder full of baseball, Marvel or football cards, but it's of the game.

The Amplitude team had nothing to announce about the game coming to tablets, but it's painfully clear from the coy looks when we asked the question and the game's design that such a transition is highly plausible. The team has "honestly no idea" when the game will have its official launch.
[Image: Amplitude]
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Dungeon of the Endless

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