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It's not Tuesday, but it is time for the Engadget HD Podcast and we hope you'll join us for the live recording at 8:45PM. We start this week's show with the latest virtual reality news from Sony and Oculus Rift -- and there's plenty of it. Netflix is once again in the news as are its frequent foils: Comcast, Time Warner Cable and AT&T. There is always some streaming news, of course, and a few other home theater related items. If you'll be joining us, take a peek at the topics after the break and then get ready to participate in the live chat.

'Project Morpheus' is Sony's virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4
Using the PlayStation 4's virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus
Facebook is buying Oculus VR for $2 billion, plans to 'unlock new worlds for all of us'
Palmer Luckey says Oculus' future 'just became crystal clear,' but Facebook's impact is still murky
Oculus founders: Facebook lets us bring the best VR experience to a billion people
Xbox One bundle price drops to $399 on Amazon and Epix streaming apps are coming to Xbox One
AT&T thinks increased bandwidth costs are Netflix subscribers' problem
Netflix's Reed Hastings calls out weak net neutrality rules, 'reluctantly' pays ISP tolls
Comcast Xfinity TV adds 18 live-streaming channels with USA, HGTV and more
Latest Apple TV rumors have it teaming up with Comcast for streaming
Several states join the Justice Department in probe of Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger
Sony's bringing Hulu Plus and Redbox to the PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Network's first original TV show is an adaptation of the 'Powers' comics
Netflix signs Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin to original series, but what about Dolly?
Must See HDTV for the week of March 24th: The Walking Dead, Psych, Fez, Louis CK on SNL

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