Lord of the Rings Online - Farming in Snowbourn
I recently finished Lord of the Rings Online's epic story on my main character. Then I maxed all three of his crafting specializations. Then I polished off a bunch of outstanding deeds and a few interesting lower level quest lines that I had inadvertently missed.

As a result, I feel like I've pretty much "beaten" the game, even though there are still rep grinds, dungeons, and PvMP stuff that I could technically do if I found them interesting. I don't, though, so aside from roleplaying and the occasional Middle-earth screenshot soiree, I'm done with LotRO until the next expansion or whatever.

Are you in a similar predicament, Leaderboard readers? What do you do when you've exhausted all of a game's content that interests you? Vote after the cut!

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Leaderboard: What do you do when you're out of content?
Roll an alt97 (23.4%)
Craft7 (1.7%)
PvP42 (10.1%)
Grind rep/gear/deeds/etc.28 (6.7%)
Raid/Dungeons29 (7.0%)
Roleplay26 (6.3%)
Find another game154 (37.1%)
Something else...32 (7.7%)

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