Massively reader dirtyklingon recently wrote to us with an interesting observation. He was surprised at the backlash that was generated when SOE's John Smedley teased a new MMO for Star Wars Galaxies fans but then revealed it would not be Star Wars but a survival-based contemporary sandbox setting -- by most guesses, zombies. I don't think most people really expected Star Wars Galaxies II (or Star Wars at all, for that matter), but I was pretty disappointed. The setting of SWG wasn't essential, but I expected something much closer to it in theme from the new game, something a bit more space cowboyish without the Star Wars name. I'll tolerate a lot of settings to play a good sandbox, but a few are real turn-offs and can actually be dealbreakers. Like, you know, zombies.

What about you, Massively crew -- how important is the setting of your MMOs? Can it make or break your experience?

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