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Science learns which male dance moves the ladies like


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We're not here to tell you folks how to get down in the club, but if you're a guy wanting to get noticed (in a good way) by the opposite sex the next time you're at the discotheque, listen up. Researchers at Northumbria University conducted a study to find out exactly what kind of gyrations draw in the ladies, and the keys to greatness on the dance floor may surprise you: an actively moving neck, head and torso and a fast moving right knee. Weird, right?

These conclusions were reached after using motion capture to record 30 men, aged 18-35, boogie down to the same, relatively simple beat. Researchers then replicated those movements using generic, digital, faceless avatars (thusly preventing the physical appearance of the dancers from exerting influence) and showed the results to 39 women. The researchers then tracked the specific motion patterns that, according to the report, "seem to influence women's perceptions of dance quality."

Apparently, women find men that move and twist their torsos and nod and shake their heads whilst grooving to be the best dancers. And, while they aren't so keen on fancy footwork generally, moving your lower body quickly (as opposed to slowly) is the way to go -- and bending and twisting your right knee is a particularly effective move to showcase your dancing skill. Sure, the study was of a small sample size, but if you want to dig deeper into the art science of dance, the source awaits with all the info you seek.

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