Another Monday is upon us. But don't despair, it brought enough Apple news to share with the entire class. Let's get started.

In light of the Heartbleed threat, ScreenCastsOnline has made a tutorial video featuring 1Password available for free. We're big fans of 1Password here at TUAW, as it makes it easy to have various, complex passwords set up for all of your favorite sites. ScreenCastsOnline offers a very competent overview.

Reports of an aftermarket CarPlay rig appeared this week, according to Asian review site Nikkei, we could see aftermarket units in the US and Europe selling something like US$500-700.

Summer is coming (in the northern hemisphere at least), so consider the Wi-Fi ready, iPhone-controlled home air conditioner from Quirky and GE. The Aros learns your budget, schedule and location for super-efficient cooling. Neat, eh? It's available for pre-order on Amazon now.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.