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Joystiq Deals: Eight freebies, EVE Online and FlatOut discounts

Joystiq Staff , @joystiq
The Freebie Gamer Bundle leads today's Joystiq Deals, offering eight games for the low price of totally free. Every game in the bundle is Mac-compatible and five work on PC. Discounted until Saturday, May 10, the eight games in question are Brickshooter Egypt, Atlantis Quest, Otto Matic, Nanosaur 2: Hatchling, BigHead Bash, Crazy Fairies, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and Gears. Some of the games in this bundle are normally free, but now include exclusive upgrades that would normally require in-game purchases to unlock.

Meanwhile, Steam is hosting its own deals this week on 43 games, such as Battlefield 2: Complete Collection, which is 75 percent off ($4.99) until Monday, May 5. Five games in the FlatOut reckkless racing series are each 75 percent off as well, ranging from $1.87 to $9.99. Other deals in Steam's weeklong sale include half-off of SteamWorld Dig ($4.99), 33 percent off Fortresscraft Evolved ($4.01), 75 percent off Worms Clan Wars ($6.24) and half-off of Descent 2 ($4.99).

Lastly, EVE Online is celebrating "Fanfest" this week on Steam with deals on subscription packages and starter packs. Starter Packs are currently 75 percent off ($4.98) and subscriptions are upwards of 27 percent off; three-month plans are 13 percent off ($12.95 per month), six-month plans are 20 percent off ($11.95 per month) and year-long subscriptions are down to $10.95 per month. The EVE Online deals are good until Wednesday, May 7.
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