The Elder Scrolls Online's Paul Sage, Matt Firor, Rich Lambert, Brian Wheeler, and Nick Konkle descended upon Reddit today along with a bevy of community managers to run another ask-me-anything, perfectly timed after the release of this morning's release of ZeniMax's plans for the game in 2014. Here are just a few of the highlights:
  • Spellcrafting will involve the rediscovering of "traditional" Elder Scrolls schools of magic, like alteration and destruction.
  • Wheeler hinted that aesthetic changes might be en route for the Imperial City.
  • There are no current plans for smaller scale PvP zones or dueling.
  • Grouping, werewolf, quest achievement, and PvP vampire issues are being worked on. SLI support arrives with Craglorn.
  • Lambert confirmed the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood will have their own skill lines.
  • There's no time-frame for player housing right now. "We want to do it right," Community Manager Jessica Folsom said. Guar mounts are also planned sans timeline.
  • Aside from weekly stability patches and "after the dust settles," the team still plans content updates every four to six weeks.
The complete AMA is on Reddit for your review.

[With thanks to tipster Leiloni!]

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