In touch with the ground, Bigby's on the hunt in the fourth episode of The Wolf Among Us next week. If you're hungry like Bigby, look out for "In Sheep's Clothing" on May 27 for PS3 (North America only), Windows PC and Mac, and then Xbox 360 on May 28 and iOS on May 29. Telltale says release details for the European PS3 release are forthcoming. As ever, the episode is $5 or you can get via various season passes on different platforms.

Joystiq's Susan Arendt felt Episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us was, relative to the previous episodes' standards, acceptable if not fully satisfying. As she put it, the middle episode was a "good storytelling soldier, letting itself be bland and bleak so that the other chapters can shine." So hopefully things will kick on in the penultimate chapter of Telltale's whodunit.
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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 (5/22/14)

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