Crytek MOBA Arena of Fate will pull 30 characters from history's pages

Arena of Fate, Crytek's entry into the fast-growing MOBA genre, will feature 30 characters pulled from real-world history and legends, a company rep told Joystiq at E3. Little Red Riding Hood, Fenrir, Jack The Ripper and King Richard The Lionheart were all mentioned during a press briefing, while screenshots you can check out below include characters such as Arachne, Blackbeart, Grendel, the Chupacabra, Baron Samedi, Polyphemus, Van Helsing and Robin Hood. A press release issued last month announcing the game also listed Baron Münchausen and Frankenstein among the game's roster.

That's 14 down, 16 to go. Mayhaps we'll see the awesome, incredible, mythical Jackalope when the game comes to PC and consoles
[Image: Crytek]
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Arena of Fate (E3 2014)

This article was originally published on Joystiq.