Nintendo is releasing two Kirby: Triple Deluxe mini-games as standalone downloadables in Japan, including the Smash Bros-like Kirby Fighters Z. The eShop sucks in the multiplayer fighter along with rhythm platformer DeDeDe's Drum Dash on July 23, priced 750 yen each (around $7.38.) It's not known if Nintendo will spit them out onto Western 3DS systems.

A Nintendo of Europe spokesperson told Joystiq "nothing has been announced for Europe to date so there's nothing further we can share at the current time."

To check out trailers for the new standalones, roll on past the break.
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Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Launch Screens)

In our Kirby: Triple Deluxe review, resident puffball Danny Cowan has high praise for the Kirby Fighters Z mini-game: "While it lacks the sophistication and variety of a fully fledged Smash Bros. game, it's a surprisingly deep addition to the Triple Deluxe package, and ranks as a solid multiplayer experience in its own right."

In contrast, Danny's less enthused about DeDeDe's Drum Dash, a mini-game that's "fun while it lasts, but it only features a handful of levels." The good news is the new standalone brings more stages to the mix - 14 in total - along with more songs from other Kirby games. There are extra stages on the way to Kirby Fighters Z too.

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