The Engadget Buyer's Guide is back and better than ever!

If you've been reading Engadget regularly, you know we've been offering buying advice for quite some time now. And if we do say so ourselves, we're pretty good at it. Still, it was high time we shook things up a bit. Today, we're introducing our new and improved buyer's guides, which combine a sleek design with professional photography and expert advice. Whereas we used to refresh our picks only four times a year, we're now going to put up one guide each for smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables -- and then update them whenever a hot new product comes out. That means each time we review a device that we'd recommend to family or friends, we'll add it to the buyer's guide, allowing us to give our readers real-time advice. Which is important, considering companies unveil new products seemingly every week. You can find our guides here, or you can click the handy "guides" tab at the top of the page. Have a look, and then keep checking back in. Who knows? By next month, we could have a host of new favorite gadgets.