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Artist uses over-sized pixels to keep an eye on London's pedestrians

Billy Steele , @wmsteele

Folks strolling past the Welcome Collection's venue in London may have an eery feeling that they're being watched. Well, that's because they are. And not just by a government's prying eyes, but with 650 over-sized pixels that render their own set of gazing peepers. Peter Hudson's Eye Contact is on display in the buildings front windows, observing the passers-by all day long with ocular footage from nearly 70 volunteers. At night the eyes close for rest -- unless a set of sensors detect the occasional nocturnal pedestrian. The installation is meant question our reliance on digital screens and the manner in which they influence interaction. "Eyes are both a symbol of perception and an instantly recognizable human feature, so by presenting them through a heavily pixellated video display, I'm challenging the usually fluid process of recognition," Hudson explained. Londoners can expect for the screens to keep watch on them for the next year.

[Photo credit: Peter Hudson]