Bandai Namco confirmed it's bringing Shadow Warrior to PS4 and Xbox One in Europe on September 26. Majesco's not yet announced a US date beyond "late September," but GameStop's listing of September 23 tallies with the typical three-day gap between regions.

Described as a "bold re-imagining" of 3D Realms' 1997 shooter, the new Shadow Warrior hit PC around the same time last year. It retained a few Lo Wang jokes but toned down the stereotyping, delivering a more modern mix of first-person shooting and swordfighting.
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Shadow Warrior (PS4, XB1)

According to Bandai Namco, the new console versions introduce a horde-like arena mode in which Lo Wang fights off waves of enemies, as well as new campaign content. There's also a variety of "exclusive" weapons including some from Devolver Digital's arsenal of games, such as the Serious Sam 3 sledgehammer and the Hotline Miami katana.

If you're wondering if it's enough Wang for your buck, the asking price is $40 stateside.
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