If you're like me, you sometimes travel with an external battery pack to keep your iPhone or iPad charged if you are on the road or just can't get to a wall outlet. Those battery packs work well, but they are tethered with a cable to your device.

So here's something a bit different. The QiStone+ is a 4000mAh wireless charger. Of course it needs to be charged at some point too, but it has a prodigious amount of power. You can carry it with you and charge your device simply by setting it on top of this rock-like power pack.


  • Qi Wireless standard
  • Works with all Qi receivers
  • 4000 mAh capacity
  • Can charge with a built in USB port as well

Design Highlights

The charger looks like a flat stone. Its textured design keeps your device from slipping off the charger surface. It fits in the palm of your hand and will blend with any decor.

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Functionality Highlights

There are a lot of advantages to wireless charging, but of course there's going to need to be a wire somewhere. The QiStone+ will charge your iPhone, but first your phone it will need an iQi accessory -- a thin receiver that plugs into your Lightning port. Once your iPhone has the iQi dongle installed, a case can be placed on the phone as normal. The device is thin enough that most soft cases will fit. A hard case is not recommended for use with the receiver, but some may work.

Now it's just a matter of setting your iPhone on the QiStone+. When you are charging, the QiStone+ beeps and a blue LED comes on. The device itself can be charged with the included USB cable which can be plugged into a computer USB port or a wall USB adapter. If you have a Qi wireless pad, you can charge the stone wirelessly from that.

You can only wirelessly charge one device at a time, but if you want to plug in another device you can charge one wirelessly and another with a wired connection.

Using the Q1Stone+ and Conclusions

Setup and use was easy. I plugged the iQi adapter into my iPhone, put my iPhone back into my case, then set the iPhone on the QiStone+ where it immediately started to charge. The QiStone+ sells for U.S. $79.99 on Amazon. The iQi Mobile adapter sells for $35.00. The Qi charging standard is widespread, and there is a whole family of wireless products that support it.

The hardware is attractive and easy to use; the only real issue is cost. You can find some really nice wired external chargers for less than half the cost of the QiStone+, and if you don't already live in the Qi ecosystem you'll need to buy an adapter to work with your iPhone. Between the adapter and the QiStone+, you're looking at an expense of $115.00. Although this charger removes the wire from the charger to your phone, you still have to charge the stone so at some point, you will still need a wired AC connection to keep everything functioning.

The QiStone+ is an attractive and unique charging solution. The wireless feature is effective and well thought out. If it fits your day-to-day charging workflow, it is worth a serious look.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.