Path of Exile unveils more of the Hall of the Grandmasters

Other acceptable song choices include You're The Best, Highway to the Danger Zone, and anything off the Saints Row The Third soundtrack.
Is your character in Path of Exile the greatest of all time? Do throngs of people spontaneously assemble around her to sing Eye of the Tiger when she's just walking down the hall to the kitchen? More specifically, did you purchase the Grandmaster Founder Pack for the game? Then you can be immortalized in the Hall of the Grandmasters, a unique map canonizing player characters whilst pitting everyone against these champions. The development team has recently posted screenshots of the map still under development in addition to some planning details.

Players will be able to challenge specific hallways within the Hall of the Grandmasters, which pit players against several random grandmasters who must be beaten to continue onward. This allows the developers to continue expanding as more grandmasters are added in the future. Check out the full thread for more details and preview shots of the map under development.

The team has also posted two new skill effect microtransactions; the videos showing them in action are below.

This article was originally published on Massively.