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Snap up Xbox One's October system update now


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Microsoft rolled out the new October system update for the Xbox One, which we've verified is available to download now. As detailed last month, the new firmware overhauls the Snap feature, which lets you view a main and side window on screen simultaneously. Now, bringing up the Snap Center brings links to Friends, Achievements, Party, Messages and Game DVR apps, as well as a wee battery icon and clock. Also, double-tapping the Xbox button brings up a Snap quick menu, cutting down the hassle of bringing apps in and out.

Snap now supports the Messages and Friends apps, with the latter spruced up including the addition of GamerScore leaderboards. The boards are based on your GamerHaul over the last 30 days, so long-term Achievement hunters just have to console themselves with their six-figure scores. Or, they could use the new captioning feature when sharing Achievements to rub it in friends' faces - you know, things like "Hah, look at 50G you're never getting, bub" or "I spent the last 42 hours getting this cheevo and I regret nothing!"

As with the now-regular monthly Xbox updates, there are plenty of other new bits and bobs to check out. For example, a button-tap on the Snap quick menu lets you record the last 30 seconds of gameplay, while the Media Player is updated to support DLNA streaming and MKV playback via USB or a DLNA-capable device.

Also, if you tend to leave your controller in the most ridiculously unfindable of places, like in the fridge or underneath the cat, you'll appreciate the Find My Controller functionality that makes your gamepad vibrate. Your cat may not be as appreciative, in which case using SmartGlass to turn your mobile into a universal remote might be the better option.

There are other TV-based introductions such a new miniguide and OneGuide support for more countries, and you can check out all of them in more detail along with all the other additions on Xbox Wire.
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