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Code Black HD Camera Drone: stunt flying made simple at 50 percent off


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It's time to take flight. The limited edition Code Black HD Camera Drone is one of the most revered and exciting quadcopters on the market, with HD video capability, generous flight time and easy-to-use controls. The Code Black drone can be yours for $99 at StackSocial, a full 50 percent discount. Engadget readers can get an additional $10 off using the code ENGADGET10.

The Code Black's palm-sized design defies its powerful ability. It's an impressive flying machine, utilizing 6-axis gyro technology for a speedy, stable flight and a smooth landing as you develop your stunt-flying skills from up to 100 feet away. The quadcopter features beginner and expert flight modes so you can execute simple flight patterns and tricks right out of the box, and more complex maneuvers once you've mastered the basics.

While flying is a blast in itself, there's endless replay value to the high-quality videos you'll record with the Code Black's built-in HD camera, serving a perfect hybridization of GoPro-quality video tech and innovative flight-stunt fun. You'll record great aerial video as you utilize the quadcopter's impressive control system, which allows the drone to flip four ways in acrobatic style. More adventurous fliers should also take note of the Code Black Drone Crash Pack, which you can get for an extra $16. Practice more complex maneuvers free of concern, with the security of 16 spare blades, replacement motors and more.

Ready to fly? Get the limited edition Code Black HD Camera Drone on StackSocial for 50% off today, and use code ENGADGET10 for an additional $10 off.

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