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Google weaves Olympics highlight videos into your search results

It's part of a broader effort to keep you informed during the summer games.

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Google is no stranger to providing useful info during Olympic games, but it's kicking things up a notch for Rio. The internet behemoth has teamed up with broadcasters in 60-plus countries (including America Movil, BBC and Japan's NHK) to integrate Olympics highlight videos into both Google search results and YouTube's Watch Cards. It's not the same as watching live, of course, but it could help a lot if work or time zones force you to catch up after the fact.

Logically, Google is promising plenty of raw Olympics news at the same time. Searches will turn up athlete bios, medal tallies and schedules, while the Google mobile search app can notify you when there are event and medal wins. While this kind of integration isn't completely new, it could be more than a little helpful if you'd rather not visit sports or TV sites just to get a quick recap.

Google's search info for the 2016 Rio Olympic games

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