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'Phantom Dust' returns tomorrow on Xbox One and PC -- for free

An underappreciated classic from the original Xbox is back.
Richard Lawler, @Rjcc
05.15.17 in Art

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Phantom Dust

Phantom Dust was a surprise treat from Microsoft Japan that arrived in the US (thanks to intervention by Majesco) at the end of the original Xbox's run, and after years of work, a team has revived the original game's assets to build a version that works across the Xbox One and PC. Its business model was still up in the air a couple of weeks ago, but today Xbox Games marketing head Adam Greenberg announced it will be released tomorrow for free (with some paid DLC options available to speed your progress through the game).

As producer Adam Isgreen explains for those who haven't played, it's underappreciated arena battler built for four players, where players build their skills using decks of cards. Now in 2017 it's likely that more people than ever will get a chance to try it out for the first time, with 4K resolution, and modernized online multiplayer with cross-platform support. Now, if we could just arrange revivals for a few more of the original Xbox's forgotten classics...

Update (5/16): Major Nelson tweeted that Phantom Dust is starting to roll out, you can get it on the Microsoft Store for free here.

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