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Google's phone app will boot spam calls to voicemail automatically

Not even a missed call or voicemail notification.

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Google is taking spam calls seriously. An upcoming update to the default Android Phone app devices will send potential spam calls directly to voicemail, as spotted by 9to5 Google. The feature works like this: A potential spam call comes in, and automatically goes to voicemail. You won't receive a notification for the missed call, and your phone won't ring. However, calls will still show up in your call history and voicemail. Presumably, Google is using AI to filter these calls, much in the way it does spam messages in Gmail.

It's in beta right now, but the update will begin rolling out to the wider Android community over the next few weeks. You can also opt in to test the feature. Don't have voice mail set up? Congratulations: You just wasted a spam caller's time.

Update: Google says this is rolling out to all Android devices, not just its Nexus and Pixel line.

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