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Bosch unveils a rugged sport e-bike computer

The compact on-board monitor gives you data on performance and speed.

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There's seemingly endless choice when it comes to monitoring tech you can wear on your body, now Bosch have come up with an equally useful bit of kit that can be attached to an e-bike. The Kiox on-board computer monitor is designed for sporty e-bikers, providing riders with data on speed, personal performance, cadence and even their heart rate (via a wearable sensor).

And it's functional wherever your wheels may take you. Thanks to a 1.9" high-resolution color display that automatically adapts to light surroundings, you can read your data in both the dark and in direct sunlight. The unit is also encased in robust Gorilla Glass, so it's protected against scratches and other damage, and it comes with a Bluetooth low-energy interface, so software updates can be downloaded to the device without cables.

Bosch is responsible for the tech found in e-bikes made by more than 30 brands, so the Kiox has been designed to mount directly into the handlebars of many of the most popular ebike models. It'll be on display at the Interbike Marketweek Expo in September, with Bosch claiming that more connectivity functions are set to follow.

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