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The anime adaptation of mobile game 'Ingress' is now on Netflix

The trailer and show are available now.

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More than a year ago, we were told Niantic, Inc. was working on an Ingress: The Animation streaming series. Today, the anime show, a sci-fi adventure thriller, is available on Netflix, and you can watch the trailer below.

The series is based on Niantic's augmented-reality mobile game Ingress Prime, and it follows familiar characters, Makoto and Sarah. The two have been impacted by Exotic Matter and end up on the run. While Ingress Prime was meant to revive interest in the original Ingress game and adapt it for a post-Pokémon Go world, Ingress: The Animation is an attempt to drive players to the game. We'll see if together the game and show can help bring Ingress out of Pokémon Go's shadow.

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