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Citroen’s futuristic autonomous EV concept is designed for long trips

If you can get past its dune-buggy aesthetic.

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Last February, Citroen introduced its Ami One, a tiny electric vehicle (EV) meant to replace bikes and scooters. It was envisioned as a way to make short, all-electric trips around downtown areas. Now, Citroen has revealed its 19_19 Concept, an EV for customers who want to travel beyond the city's limits. The 19_19 Concept boasts a range of up to 800 km (about 497 miles), and thanks to its autonomous driving tech, "drivers are able to entirely delegate driving."

Inspired by aviation and interior design, the 19_19 Concept's cabin is meant to look more like a living room than a vehicle. In its press release, Citroen said, "the new concept car illustrates ultra-comfort at the service of tomorrow's mobility." Unfortunately, it does so at the expense of style. Citroen has always pushed the envelope when it comes to design, but the 19_19 Concept looks an awful lot like an enclosed dune buggy with a purple, carpeted interior and a hodgepodge of seats.


Each design element was purposefully selected, though, so we'd have to take a ride in the 19_19 Concept before we can say whether adding curves to the cabin in order to create more elbow and shoulder room was worth it. Some features, like the roof-mounted LIDAR systems with interior reading lights suspended below, were left intentionally exposed, which may be better appreciated up close. If you want to see for yourself, the 19_19 Concept will be revealed at VivaTech in Paris on Thursday, May 16th.

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