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Grubhub is delivering Dunkin' donuts in New York City

It's the first part of a larger rollout.

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If you're craving donuts but can't step outside to get them, some extra relief might be at hand. Grubhub is rolling out the option to order from Dunkin' through its apps, starting with Seamless customers in New York City. It'll reach other markets in the months ahead, including Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia. Deliveries will be free between June 24th and June 30th to sweeten the deal (beyond the sugar in your orders, that is) for early adopters.

Dunkin' is no stranger to online orders, but this is still a significant expansion -- it'll be an option in some of the most popular food delivery apps in the US. It's also improtant if you're a frequent Grubhub or Seamless customer. Between this and earlier deals with chains like Taco Bell, you won't need a bevvy of apps to order food when you're stuck at work.

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