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YouTube Premium can automatically download your favorite videos

That could make viewing content offline even easier.

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Future Publishing via Getty Images

YouTube is reportedly offering automatic downloads to its Premium subscribers. The opt-in feature should make it easier to watch content offline. As Android Police notes, some Premium subscribers now see a pop-up banner offering to automatically download favorite topics. In the "Downloads" section, users can pick channels and subjects to save for offline viewing, and each card indicates how long the videos are, so you have an idea of what you're saving.

Just last month, YouTube made a similar change to YouTube Music. If you're a YouTube Music Premium subscriber, you can opt to have the app automatically download up to 500 of your favorite songs, so you can listen to them even when service is spotty. To save on data, the downloads take place only while your device is connected to Wi-Fi and happen overnight. We aren't positive, but YouTube's automatic video downloads, will likely do the same.

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