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Conrad Quilty-Harper is a 19 year old student at the University of Hull in the United Kingdom. He has previously blogged at Joystiq, TUAW, and Live8Insider. You can read his personal thoughts at and contact him at conradq [at] gmail [dot] com You can see a photo of him at this link:


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Bringing the iPhone to Europe was big, but potentially bigger for Apple is the Chinese market, which probably explains why China Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou is in talks with the company over its much pub...

November 13th 2007 at 9:01pm 0 Comments
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An ingenious little hack enables anyone with a Wii, a powerful infrared emitter, and some reflective tape to control their Wii with their fingertips, as demonstrated in the creator's YouTube video. T...

November 11th 2007 at 12:48am 0 Comments
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For those that grew up with even a vague interest in video games, the movie to watch was The Last Starfighter. Ironically enough, the game to go with the film was never published or put into the arca...

November 5th 2007 at 6:30am 0 Comments
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You like Steampunk, do ya? Well, looks like we've got another laptop iteration for you today, this time entitled "A Clockwork Laptop." Yeah, it's got a bunch of brass and copper fittings -- plus some...

November 5th 2007 at 2:50am 0 Comments
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USB devices do everything these days, including charge your gadgets with only the power provided by your breathing: specifically, the act of moving one's chest in and out. Just in case you thought th...

November 4th 2007 at 8:25pm 0 Comments
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Asus's Eee PC is clearly making a big splash, and now that units are starting to arrive in homes everywhere the inevitable unboxing photos are starting to arrive. We've already seen the guts of this...

November 4th 2007 at 1:38pm 0 Comments
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We've had a couple of tips from readers who were told by Best Buy that new stock of the Asus EEE PC is due to hit next week (November 11th.) Seems a little iffy for new stock to arrive on a Sunday but...

November 4th 2007 at 7:46am 0 Comments