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Exposed at an early age, Kevin has always been more interested in how things work than actually using them. Thanks to a brief run-in in the early 90's with a Lego Mindstorms kit, it seemed Kevin was destined for Engadget. He has been part of the Engadget team since late 2008, beginning his gadget career under Josh Topolsky. His biggest passions are resisting Apple products, giving Windows products a fair shake and tinkering with DSLR cameras. A graduate of New York University, with a bachelors in Computer Science and a minor in Computer Applications, Kevin now resides in Manhattan and continues to discover new aspects of technology to surround himself with.


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Apparently a $34,000 price tag isn't exclusive enough for you to nab one of the first 100 Think City electric vehicles -- fancy that! The aforementioned sticker is meant only for normal retail versio...

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We went out on the CES show floor to find the clickfree Wireless Backup and all of its wireless backing-up power. Coming in two versions -- 500GB or optional 1TB capacities -- the Wireless Backup see...

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