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In each issue of Distro, Executive Editor Marc Perton publishes a wrap-up of the week in news. There was a time when gearing up to go back to school meant little more than picking up a new backpack...

August 23rd 2013 at 4:39pm 0 Comments
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Motorola has been doing its best to build some buzz around the Moto X, which launched this week. As a smartphone, the X is decidedly middle-of-the-road. It boasts specs and a design similar to the D...

August 2nd 2013 at 4:00pm 0 Comments
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Hi, I'm Marc Perton, and I'm Engadget's new Executive Editor. Those of you who've followed this site for a while may dimly remember me; I was with Engadget in its early days, and somehow managed to...

July 26th 2013 at 4:00pm 0 Comments
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By now, you probably already know the MobiBlu B153's claim to fame: it's got a battery life that is so impressive that it's in the model number. That's right; this flash player will last about 153 ho...

May 26th 2006 at 7:18pm 0 Comments
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Sure, we weren't exactly brimming with excitement about the iRiver N12, when we first caught sight of it a couple of weeks ago. But we've heard at least one good thing about the new player that sets i...

May 26th 2006 at 10:05am 0 Comments
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In a move that may pave the way for legislation forbidding phone and cable companies from charging content providers a premium for access to customers, the House Judiciary Committee today approved the...

May 25th 2006 at 4:43pm 0 Comments
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We've heard of these kinds of guys before. They've spent too much time engrossed in Harry Potter books or old Star Trek episodes, and dream of some sort of device that will make them invisible. Every...

May 25th 2006 at 4:14pm 0 Comments
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If you've been hankering to get your hands on one of Dell's next-gen gaming boxes, but can't bring yourself to fork over $10,000 for one of the company's limited edition deals, you can now order a pro...

May 25th 2006 at 2:47pm 0 Comments