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Head of Product and Editor Emeritus at Engadget. Co-founder of gdgt. Fighter of entropy. Lover of atoms + electrons. Master photobomber. Sic transit gloria.


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Well, judging by the dozens of tips we just got, it's time to once again get your Pwnage on with version 2.0.2 (which was released to counter the, um, "fixes" in iPhone firmware 2.0.1). As usual, hit...

August 9th 2008 at 4:41am 0 Comments
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Unless you've got a couple thou to shell out for an Optimus Maximus, Logitech's diNovo Edge is about as slick a keyboard as anyone makes right now. We just cracked open the forthcoming diNovo Edge fo...

August 8th 2008 at 2:06pm 0 Comments
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For most of us here, at some point the sensation of breaking the news takes hold and turns into something else, something much more like an addiction. It really gets into you, keeps you up at night, m...

July 22nd 2008 at 1:00pm 0 Comments
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Launching 6 and 12GB SDHC cards seems a little boring at this point, especially when your company has already gone way, way larger. Which is why Panasonic's got the 6 and 12GB RP-SDM06G and RP-SDM12G...

July 19th 2008 at 4:14am 0 Comments