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Apparently, the staff at TGDaily were flipping through the user's manual for one of their Lightscribe-equipped drives when they stumbled across a rather oblique mention of an upcoming color version of...

July 13th 2006 at 6:48am 0 Comments
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The 15.4 and 17-inch iterations of HP's consumer-centric Pavilion line of laptops have gotten another update from two less-than jaw dropping, at least performance-wise, machines. Both the DV6000 an...

July 12th 2006 at 10:29am 0 Comments
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Thomson (or if you're a Yank like us, RCA) has found its way into the handheld GPS market, and is poised to release two new models in the fall. The GPS 420 (pictured), which is designed primarily f...

July 12th 2006 at 6:26am 0 Comments
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It seems like ages ago when we first laid our eyes on the nostalgic hotness that is the Pong clock, but now it has finally made its way into the greedy hands of the select few consumers who punked do...

July 10th 2006 at 6:27am 0 Comments
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No matter how much sleek design, aromatherapy, USB power, WiFi connectivity, advanced technology or medieval torture companies manage to cram into their alarm clocks, they still remain one of the m...

July 10th 2006 at 4:42am 0 Comments
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While everyone else has been busy watching the World Cup, it appears Venzero has been in the labs, creating a new middle child for their ever-expanding One line of DAPs. At 6GB, the LilOne fits snugl...

July 9th 2006 at 3:03pm 0 Comments
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If you're thinking about picking up LG's Fusic (otherwise known as the LG550) you might want to block off some time to read Phone Scoop's incredibly thorough review. The handset, which is available...

July 8th 2006 at 6:30pm 0 Comments
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Officially, it was the discrepancy between the value of the dollar and that of the won, combined with aggressive marketing strategies of companies like Nokia and Motorola that have driven Korean batte...

July 7th 2006 at 1:38pm 0 Comments